coming home

i got my ticket in my pocket! i'll arrive SF on april 28th, not so much
later than expected. this will mean that i'm not going all the way to
brazil, but it's o.k.
i need to come home, work, make some money, go gunkholing, work on Marita,
go to chicago for the gay olympics and go see my Mom in Germany, but first
of all SEE MY FRIENDS BACK HOME!!! i am nervous and excited, i can't wait.
i have been out of a loop for a long time.
i think someone should throw me a party, so i get to see everyone at once,
get totally overwhelmed and happy drunk at the same time.
i wish i could stay here some longer to go sightseeing, hiking etc, but i
don't have the right clothes, no backpack, only duffles and no companion
and no money... so there... the end of solitude, as much as i appreciate
it, will be my most precious detail of returning home.
i think this is the last entry of this blog textwise. once i get home i
will add photos or, if i post them somewhere else at least the link to
on to new adventures!!!

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