A sailor can't live of fish alone

My dear mom is helping me to assure a balanced diet while under way... We are dehydrating yummy things you can't buy, like cabbage, red bell pepper and un-fried onions. a very yummy treat are dried kiwi fruit slices as well.
She is also showing me how to make chicken preserves. yes, i know you can buy canned chicken, but it's not good. THIS will be good! we got 12 one pint mason jars to fill with delicious chicken breast. then i have to figure out how to protect the glass in the bilge or where ever we'll end up storing it. i can't wait to dish out my yummy mango chicken, 2 months out at sea after tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, ono and swordfish up the ying yang it will be fabulous!

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