it's sinking in...

finally it is sinking in for realz that i will embark on this great
adventure, and what a great adventure it indeed will be. everything i
read about the southern ocean, and all the personal accounts i am
hearing, it can be frightening, huge waves, cold, wind... then again i
think if sailors in the past centuries survived cape horn sleeping in
the fo'c'sl with the big hausers to the open ocean, i can survive in a
1930's "gentleman's yacht". And before the southern ocean there will be
the tropics...
we're leaving in a week and a half. yesterday we moved the boat, so for
the first time she wasn't in that very same spot on the dock... she
moves. it was like the first baby step towards this big voyage... it
felt good to handle lines, pull, tuck, belay... work as a team with the
others. we spent so much time talking and working on the boat together,
but this little moving the boat 20 feet, was the first time besides
raising the sail at the dock once that we did something as a crew.
today the weather is too icky to do anything outside, so i will
concentrate on packing, paperwork and shopping lists...gathering prices
etc. use any minute smartly, i am in fact already crew on this boat for
over a month now, my mind has been on this and hardly anywhere else,
every meeting with a friend is a goodbye. every shopping run includes
things for the trip, every minute at home i am preparing, writing
lists, thinking about recipes, clothes, the southern stars, celestial
navigation, the trip. it feels good. i want to go.

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