it is nearly december and we're still here. today we'll make the decision in the morning if we'll leave tomorrow or thursday on the tail of this storm. it is raining and raining. Tracy and i did more shopping yesterday, two full carts at trader joe's and two full carts at safeway, and we'll have to go back and get more. Somehow it is good that the weather is giving us more time because we can be better organized and be more of a team. on the other hand, yeah, i want to get out of here. it is weird to say all the goodbyes and have parties and then not go. though in my head i'm gone. if we're leaving tomorrow, i'll turn my phone off today, and this will be the last update from sausalito. Then we'll see how the sailmail over the radio works.
i'll spend my day stowing today and we'll have to go on a fresh food run before departure. i haven't posted any pictures of the masses of food because i didn't take a picture, was too busy thinking about where to put it all. But i assure you that we have enough for the 2 week trip to PV and nearly enough for the long leg (5 people, 3 month).

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