Everybody is happy we didn't leave yesterday.

i just got up, it is raining, the storm is here. earlier it was blowing quiet hard. some of the stuff we had fixed during refit mode are still leaking. we'll need to try to find a fix for that so we don't have an unhappy first mate...
today is more stowing and provisioning, and that's what we'll do until the weather is right to leave. maybe on sunday. maybe later. In case anyone is interested: Thanksgiving didn't happen this year. we worked on the boat as usual and had vodka tonic and pretzels for dinner. I called my good friend Lesbian Love whom i have spent most of my thanksgiving's with, she's in LA on her way to Buenos Aires. Maybe we'll meet in patagonia. Every now and then there is a gust that makes this big boat heel a bit and the moment it staightens out again you hear the rain drops intensify. then it goes back to a regular rain. on a boat - even at the dock - one is much closer to the elements. Everybody is happy we didn't leave yesterday.

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