crew mode

i had all these thought last night to post this morning, but now it's hard
to remember.
we all realized that we are in transition. both tracy and i are spent
nearly all day below, stowing. i only left the boat maybe 4 times to go to
the head and a little walk. only when i went for my walk i didn't move out
of sight, this is the crew mode, preparing for only being on the boat,
nowhere else to go.
i am still in sausalito, but in my head i am not. i still have my
cellphone on, but i'm not calling anyone, i am not really here anymore.
i'm in crew mode. i wake up and want to start working, i go to sleep and
sleep right away, crew mode.
i had a tiny leak in my cabin when it rained yesterday, it is in an o.k.
spot, i hope it doesn't move too much once the boat is heeling. all
electronics (computer, camera, i-pod) are packed in plastic, and the
clothes in the drawers and lockers have a sheet of plastic on top of them
in case of drips.
we're studying the surface analysis charts, and i should start reading the
book oliver gave me to understand it better, but i am too tired to read
every night and all i manage is 2 pages of a novel of which i need to
re-read the second page the next night because i don't remember.
If nothing changes and the high gives us some room between it and the
coast, we'll leave on saturday at noon. that will already be december...
no way i'll be back mid april...

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