getting ready

today tracy and i went to SF to meet with the doctor, Megan, to get all
the prescriptions. then off to the pharmacy, dealing and talking with the
pharmacist. we are dealing with some cool people!
Then to Rainbow grocery for bulk müsli, electrolyte drink, homeopathic
medicines, bulk soaps etc. then to west marine, picking up a life west for
the dog and finally clement street in the avenues for chinese pots and
pans and dried vegetables etc. we picked up dim sum for the whole crew and
made everyone happy upon return.
it looks like a thursday departure is out of the question. we are waiting
for some weather to come through to get favorable winds.
my friends who want to escort us out the gate are bummed because they have
to change their plans all the time. but that is what it is: sometimes you
gotta wait. and if it doesn't make a difference in arrival date if we're
leaving on thursday or on sunday, it makes more sense to have more time to
prepare and leave on sunday. tomorrow we're getting our last port supply
order in, and once that is stowed we're ready to put al the sails in the
fo'c'sle and stow the rest of the boat. Ira and i are doing last
cosmetics, tracy is figuring out sailmail and stuff, holger will install
the new wind instruments. everybody is so ready, but we must be safe and
it would be dumb to sit in the ocean with no wind or get clobbered by too
much of it from the wrong direction. I probably turn my phone off on
wednesday when i have to run my last errants in the city. i will be on the
hudson e-mail until fri nite at least. then again in PV.
this is still my only diary type of thing, i will start a proper every day
paper diary once we actually leave the dock.

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