i still don't know when we will be leaving. but departure IS getting
closer... holger has been checking the weather and the high over the north
pacific is getting squooshed by a couple of lows. one of them very low. it
looks like the no wind out there will soon be replaced by rain and wind
from the wrong direction. there is rain in the forecast for late thursday
and friday and if all goes well, the low will pass us on the north and we
will get favorable winds. if it passes too close to us the wind will come
from the s or sw and we will then delay departure even longer because
there is no sense in beating against it.
today Ira and i painted the stbrd topsides, i picked up a load of
sprouting seeds and jars to sprout them in. i went on a last visit to my
house to drop off money for john for the 35 lbs of coffee he is getting us
at super discount price from his work, drop off the car i had borrowed
from jade, and tracy and i went to the pharmacy to pick up our medikit. We
were working with a real personal, non-chain pharmacy in the outer mission
and i will go back there, screw Walgreens or even my kaiser pharmacy. i
have never encountered better personal service and care. (Central Drug
Store, 4494 Mission St. @ Sta Rosa)
I did some more stowing in my stateroom/cabin, i can't quiet get my head
around organizing stuff well and practical for sea, since we're on the
dock all the time and have different needs for clothing and other stuff.
tomorrow is thanksgiving, the american holiday. i wish we were sailing. i
feel disconnected to this country, and the city somehow too, it is good
that i am in sausalito, it's a bit like vacation already. the weather is
still exeptionally beautiful and every morning i wake up and come out the
companion way i am greeted by a fabulous sunrise and it seems like we are
being spoiled by good weather, like a sweet goodbye, like a bribe to make
me want to come back.
My boss Ross came by on a surprise visit today to wish me farewell, that
was sweet of him. I had missed him a couple of times when i went by the

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