still here...

it is the 19th, the date we were originally planning to leave. it didn't happen. instead i went to a party in sausalito to celebrate the fact that i live here now, on a boat, in a marina. it was fun.
yesterday we bent on the new mainsail that came in from hong kong. it was easier that we all had feared. i need to work on my fingertips, they noticed that i hadn't handled sails in a while. calouses everywhere, but not there. Here is a photo of Tracy checking out the sail as it comes out of it's bag. and a photo of the new mains'l bent on.
today we took all the sails that are not actually bent onto the boat up to the parking lot and spread them out, made sure they are dry and then packed them back up, after inspection and taking notes for what needs to be done with them.
it is amazing what i learned only in the past two days, and at the same time to realize what i know. we're getting closer, don't know if all these preparation photos excite anyone. well, that's what i got, later there will be only text! On the photos you see some of the sails and awnings drying on the banister by the marina parking lot and the gollywobbler drying out hanging in the rigging. it is holger's design, going with the little flag that has a cross on it, nice.

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