wenn einer eine reise tut...

is a german saying meaning, if one goes on a trip there will be stories
to be told. so far i am only telling stories of preparation.... and
with the biggest part done it is also a time to party... pretty much
every other day. yesterday we had a big dock party at the boat for
friends and neighbors, it was totally fun. on wednesday will be my
goodbye party somewhere in the city, i don't know yet, well, and then
i'll move onto the boat and then we will eventually leave. that might
be a party too, because many of my friends have said they'll sail out
the gate with us, and many of H&T's friends are planning the same.
there is only tiny preparation jobs to be done on the boat itself. the
big job is stowing everything Holger and Tracy have accumulated over
the past 4 years living on the dock, and also making room for our
provisions and gear. I am working with Tracy and friend Megan who is a
doctor on putting the medical kit together, and then there is still
provisioning. and then more stowing. i picked my bunk and slept in it
last night. it's the bottom bunk in the port stateroom. i had a long
discussion with my sailor pals at the party about it and closer to the
middle of the boat and away from the deck was the consensus. it should
be favored even if another crew member might potentially step on me...
i moved most of my stuff out of my room today and am starting to live
out of a duffle bag. there is still some bills to pay and things like
that to take care of. i can only try to fathom how it is for Holger and
Tracy who will never come back and have their entire life on board. i
just need to put some boxes into the garage and then carry them back up
and unpack when i'm back.

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