shopping and stowing

Yesterday tracy and i spent the best part of the night stowing food. we figured that IF we have to stay up late we should do it now and get two good night's sleeps in before departure on tuesday. We're trying to get a good push from the next storm system that is coming in, and given the fact that i don't know the boat and we are shorthanded, we won't get much rest during the first couple of days of the voyage.
i have been cleaning out cupboards and storage spaces and making diagrams and lists of what is where. Tracy is good considering all the different climates we'll be going through, the weight of stuff and where they should be on the boat; and with my own organized brain and the super-well organized example of Anasazi from the atlantic crossing 2 years ago i am coming up with good systems that find approval with these experienced folks here as well. i'm getting a good hang of it. We have a lot of food, and still several more runs to make. I also stopped by REI and got two more moisture wicking underwears for the southern ocean, i really don't want to be cold.
the vacuum sealer i got is great to break down bulk stuff we got.
right now holger is defrosting the freezer (yes we have a freezer and a fridge!) we'll take frozen vegetables etc to have something for out at sea, when everything fresh we're bringing is used up or turned bad. Of course there is always the possibility of the refridgeration system breaking down, and we need enough canned and dried goods to keep us afloat in that occasion. O.k. - back to work!

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