another month....

Wow, time passes quickly!
i haven't had a chance to catch up here because as soon as i got back from albuquerque and worked just for a second in sausalito, i left town again. it is easier to chouchsurf somewhere other than your home town... :-) but before i left i spend the night at china camp and woke up to the most marvellous sunrise with the Niña anchored out! a sign from different times...

I flew up to seattle and took the bus to Port Townsend to attend the Wooden Boat Festival. it was pretty cool! the busride was even cool, we managed to take the ferry at edmonds exactly at sunset and it was a gorgeous sight. just like all of the landscape up there is beautiful, the bays, the trees, the snowcapped mountains...

i got to stay at my friends Heidi and Peters house, met up with Margaret and we went to chanty sings, met cool people and roamed listening to street musicians and dug through thriftstores and jewelery stands.

after the festival was over we bussed down to Tokeland, WA and then traveled around the southwestern part of WA for quiet awhile. the beaches and the huge amounts of driftwood are amazing!

i flew back out of Seattle last monday just in time to attend the general membership meeting at Galilee harbor where i got voted in (!) YAY!
i am now a member of the harbor, in posession of the pink slip and will move aboard on wednesday -- only to move back off the following monday when Lotus (the boat) is scheduled for a haulout. i actually broke down and rented the little room in 207 for a month to have an actual homebase while the boat is out of the water and being worked on, this way i can do painting and re arranging without health hazard and too much stuff in the way. i am very excited.
oh, i forgot my welcoming commitee when i got to susy's boat, where i'm currently crashing. She has been invaded by 8, yes EIGHT!, racoons... here are two of them saying welcome home, well actually they are saying why the f**k is the door closed we want to eat your catfood!

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