on 'LOTUS'

so here it is, the day that Lotus is finally mine. i went down to the boat after work, it is of course empty - except for a matress and some galley stuff... i felt incredibly lonely and not at home at all and had to give the situation a good cry.
then it got better, as i walked out of the harbor to do something other than sitting in an empty boat, Maite just arrived with goodies, and i got coffee and bread for breakfast tomorrow. better already... now i'm at the boys' shop e-mailing, because i can't do that either of course on the boat, everything has been shut off. i'll get my bike from my shop, retrieve my toothbrush from Alesha and Ginger's boat where i forgot it yesterday and give it another try.
i also got my hair cut. at least something feels good. :-)
this week we'll finish working on the lobster boat and i'll bring all my stuff together in the small room at 207. then over the weekend i'm finally going ocean sailing. even if just for 2 days. Jody is taking Anton and me to Drake's Bay on Taihoa. Casey from PT will come along buddyboating, i don't know if there'll be anyone else. it's supposed to be raining and cold.. good practice for a nordic adventure... bah! patagonia did that already!

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