haul-out done

Sunday evening 19:00 i am home an just downloaded the photos form my camera. here is the before.

and here she is after. two coats of bottom paint, two coats of primer, two coats of topsides. Lotus is now blue!

then we had alittle rott surprise in the bilge which got sandwiched which hopefully takes care of that.
Daniel and Sushe helped me big time, and friday Ross and Tony put in probably a half day each. i even managed to put a coat of primer on the cabinside that is facing away from the dock. very tired, yesterday i couldn't do a thing, especially not blogging... Tomorrow is splash time and i'll be backin the harbor.

the hole in the bottom - note the daylight coming through...

my brave crew!

topsides done exept from this little corner which is in need of some cosmetics...

the aft end finished

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