and i ain't talking bdsm...
Lotus: haulout workday nr. 1
the fuzzy wood is still drying out
Sushe came and worked all day, cleaning the bilges and then helping with splashzoning the chine.
i did some reefing and caulking, will need to do a bit more tomorrow. there wasn't that many bad seams, phew.
the two pads that were put over where the prop strutts used to be appeared to have been just screwed on from the outside with sheetrock srews or something, they just came off with no fastener to be seen.... i made two new plates and they'll get fastened tomorrow.
little worm damage in the shoe, nothing a little cement can't fix, that's all prepped for tomorrow too.
now she's sitting, drying a bit more, and tomorrow should be rock and roll time for the bottom as well as the topsides. it's a lot of work, but doable by sunday.

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