Lotus is hauled out

we finally did it. at around 17:00 i ran into Jeff and we walked over to the yard together, jmust in time to help Ross putting the Peregrine into the water and scootch Lotus onto the railway car and pull her up.
i soent the next hour and a half pressurewashing her bottom... few oysters, some slimy things, not too much real hardcore growth, even after 4 years...
i found some quiet fuzzy wood on the starboard aft end. hmmm
real assessment and photos in daylight tomorrow. Sushe will come out and be my lovely assistant for the day, hopefully i'll have more crew show up and get her ready to be splashed by Sunday. i'd love to get the topsides painted in the yard as well, at least sanded and primed...
adventure mate out for now (catching Zs)

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