sat jan 7th 2006

today it's 5 weeks, we've sailed 3578 mi so far. yesterday morning on my watch
we crossed the equator. it was 04:46am, california time. Neptune couldn't make
it, but T&H came into the cockpit just before to save me from commiting the
pelagic sin of crossing into the other hemisphere sober. that would be
particularly severe since it's my first time in a boat! they brought coffee and
brandy. voyage wise we seem to finally be through the sloppy shit (ITCZ,
doldrums and currents) and are zooming along at 7-8kts in the tradewinds - in
the right direction. i finally get to practise my stars and if we hadn't
forgotten the 2006 almanach i'd be practicing celestial too. we are 700mi from
nukuhiva where we want to reprovision and meet more crew. i hope i can send some
proper e-mails from there, don't know if there is internet or if i'll be able to
post pictures. i am writing a lot, full of thoughts, ideas, plans for new
adventures, businesses, projects... well, so far, so good, happy new year! happy
new hemisphere, (hi urtszi, i'm on your side now). i know i missed some b-days,
but i didn't forget about you all. oh, and i did check the wc drain rotation at
4 miles south and it had already turned but was somewhat hesitant, later at 1
degree S it was as proper coreolois effect.

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