shoreleave finally

agasin... but after this boring weekend on board it is so nice to walk
around and be bored on land...hahaha
yesterday while there was nothing to do on board and everyone else was
napping, i started drawing, first the quay where we land, then all our
neighboring boats in the anchorage, and i actually got better and better.
i haven't done this in many years and am definitely not as good as Amy or
Todd (sailior friends who sketch a lot and well). but my things are
recognizeable. so topday i have shoreleave again, because maybe tomorrow
we will motor over to Daniel's bay (where they filmed survivor 2003 -
which i hae never seen) anyways there is supposed to be potable water
there, close enough to the beach that we can transfer it to the boat with
a hose. let's hope it's true. so i sat in the caffee at the quay, had a
cup of joe and drew the other side of the parking lot, a boat on a
trailor, an old landrover pick-up and a frangipani tree. then this guy
strats talking to me and it turns out he's a local reporter, so he took my
picture, a picture of my drawing and my name and other details, i might be
in the paper tomorrow....
then i ventured on to the museum that is run by an older american lady,
Rose Gardner (nice name, huh?)who came here 30 yrs ago, fell in love with
the island and never left. she has a good collection of artefacts and
copies of old etchings etc. some of the stuff is her's other belongs to
other families who are loaning it. it was very interesting and i bought a
book she wrote on marquesian seed neclaces and arts and crafts. i had
collected seeds with Pere, the tattooist's mom, now i feel i know what to
do with them.
i wish my french was better because i stutter quet a bit trying to say
something, then an hour later i have the perfect sentence in my head...
bon, i'll wander around a bit more, see if i can make some more friends.
it is nicer and easier when i'm by myself because i can only speak for
myself, it is weird to be associated with a boat that i can not speak for.
plus i think i mentioned that tracy keeps finishing my sentences in more
broken french than mine, no matter if she knows what i am planning on
saying or not.
we'll be here at least til the weekend. we need to buy some provisions
that are not there anymore and might have to wait for the island supply
ship. definitely not before sunday jan 29. so write some more to
hudson@da-prince i miss interaction!

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