the freighter arrived

so, we're still here. the freighter arrived today, so we can actually
stock up on things that one couldn't buy anymore, like flour and TP and
sweetened condensed milk etc.
T&H are still waiting for a money wire to get through because their ATM
card didn't work here.
i got my tattoo yesterday, by this guy Isidore who is somewhat famous and
really really good. it was the first time i let someone tattoo me
freestyle and i am very very impressed with the style and cleanliness of
lines and the design itself. all we decided together was the area f the
body, the size (for pricing) and the general theme. I told him i wanted it
traditional marquesian, not girly, symbolism instead of realistic images
and have it to do with the ocean, the fact that i sailed here and will
keep sailing etc. so i got symbols for protection in form of stylized
sharks teeth (some of whivch look like martini glasses), lots of waves,
land promising sea birds, more waves a warrior for power and a fertility
symbol for many good returns from any save trips.... all of it together
looks very very cool.
yeah, isidore is the son of Pere, i ave written that i met her and
befriended her. the other day we made traditional seedneclaces together
and she showed me a bunch of tropical cooking, like how to make
coconutmilk, how to dry fish, several preserve stuff. and every time i go
there she loads me up with fruit. yummm!
on the boat we've mended sails where the seams had chaved during this past
trip, tried to fix some more leaks (that are constant on a wooden boat). i
have a couple of drips right onto my pillow, but i can put a piece of
plastic above my bunk and it is fine. tracy is not so is really
really hot here and sometimes i wake up because i roll on my wet pillow.
the beginning of this week we took on water at Daniel's bay, where they
did the survivor 2003 tv show. we met daniel and his wife antoinette who
love americans... he was wearing a 97.3 ALICE radio station cap from San
Francisco. i didn't get a photo of him coz he was working in the garden
and thought he was too dirty and didn't want to be photographed. he's
probably in his late 80s and has done everything from working for the us
forces during WWII to helping custeau on calypso, well, and now providing
preferably american cruisers with drinking water...
it looks like the time here will come to an end soon. i like it a lot, it
makes me want to go home and study my french better and come back for a

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