soon leaving nuku hiva

Yesterday we went and took on diesel, that was fun, going stern too, with
the anchor dropped out and then having the fuel line come on board etc. it
took quiet awhile. today we gave the propane tanks to be filled. tracy and
i went shopping for provisions and are nearly done except for the fresh
stuff.. htere is some small repairs still to be done, and then as we cross
things off the to do list, new ones appear. yesterday i noticed that the
transom of the zodiak had basically unglued and wsas nearly falling off
under the weight of the outboard. so we asked a lovely neighbor in the
anchorage to give us rides and he agreed.... hte goal is to go from here
to Mangareva, anohter french polynesian island but further east and south,
it's in hte gambier iland group of the tuamotu archipelargo.
from there to pitcairn and then the southern seas...
i have some more polynesian pretty money to spend, since it's not worth
changing it back, and it's not 100% sure htat we'll get to mangareva. i
could totally spend another month or two here, and actually was talking to
the yacht service lady here, htey need sail makers, and next year htey'll
open a yard and htey'd need people there, of course it's mostly plastic
boats that come here, but it would be nice to get a ride as crew on a
Puddle Jumper and then stay here and work and live for a couple of months
and then go back. i'd still like to tackle building a pirogue, all hte
ones they have here are store bought fiberglass, but there is a lot of
nice wood on htis island, they are building houses and powerboats with
local wood, but no "dugouts"....
hmm, i don't really know what else to write... hte next updates will
probably be shorter again because htey go over hte radio and i have no
idea if there will be e-mail in mangareva or pitcairn, so potentially the
next big mails will be from Punta Arenas.
it'll be nice to get away from the mosquitos and no-see-ums, it will also
be nice to be in the tropics for a bit longer, but i already know that in
a months or so it will be cold....

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