Left the Tropics

2/13 p:2046S 13819W
after the wind came back we were gliding just with jib top, stays'l & fisherman,
sweet ride all night. rain in the am. today's atoll tureia, just out of sight.
they do, btw, from afar look like tule patches in the delta.
2/14 p:2219S 13716W
descision made: no mangareva and no pitcairn (sorry Brett) the wind's just not
2/15 p: 2415S 13614W
big underlying swell from the S, we're clear of tuamotus. H2O temp: 80 degr.
finally caught fish: Wahoo!
2/16 p:2615S 13502W
keep thinking about greece this summer, and frankie and china camp. can't get my
head around Marita or Hudson numbers, it's too far away. but good friends, it
makes me realize how much i miss you guys! lots of scheming in my head...
2/17 p: 2821S 13405W
climate hot summer but air is getting cooler, wahoo ceviche for lunch grilled
medallions for dinner, hmmmm
2/18 p: 2925S 13159W
couldn't sleep well past 2 nights and slept most day today. getting
philosophical about my life when i return...
2/19 p: 2941S 13014W
2 major events: a) we gybed, b) pancakes!
2/20 p: 3034S 12825W
first nightwatch with long pants, H2O temp: 78 degr

overall it feels like the quiete before the storm, everyone is doing chores to
prep the boat for southern ocean and otherwise gets as much sleep as possible.
it's good to have 4th person on board for all the apparent reasons

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