slowly moving south

2/21 p: 3001S 12638W
Hove to, wrong direction on one tack, too uncomfortable on the other. waiting
for better conditions.
2/22 p: 2941S 12623W
sailing again, after finally receiving GRIP files we are getting a "grip" on
understanding the weather around us. reading "Over the Edge of the World" about
Magellan. lots of good trivia.
2/23 p: 3037S 12637W
light winds H2O temp: 77degr. we're still barefoot 24hrs but no more shorts at
night. very sparce wildlife which bumms me out.
2/24 p: 3231S 12601W
woke up to the first heavy weather on this trip. tricky steering, lots of rain.
2/25 p: 3321S 12456W
dancing tango with a high, 2 steps fwrd, one back. H2O temp: 72 degr. later on
becalmed. got out my shoes.
2/26 p: 3327S 12443W
slow progress S. wheel tied off, housekeeping and fix-it day.
2/27 (it's not noon yet)
woke up to fog all around us. light winds and eerie atmosphere. i think i'm
getting fat... also, since for me the voyage is at least half over (3mo), i am
starting to be slightly overwhelmed with thoughts of returning to SF and what
i'll do and how and will i be happy-er. and i start writing lists and it doesn't
make it better. i know what i want: learn, teach, do, accomplish, love, laugh,
party, dance, smile contently. the details are the problem (and look good, and
have money, have time for my friends...) you see where this goes.... it'll be
nice to actually confer with some of you about this

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