Tuna Galore

2/28 p:3527S 12213W
hove to after an exhilarating ride and abrupt windshifts resulting in confused
seas. Alles gute zum geburtstag, Erik!
3/01 p:3522S 12225W
started sailing again at 10:00, due S. sauerkraut w/ latkas -yum!
3/02 p: 3650S 12409W
leak behind navstation came back, everybody's bummed but all electronics are
fine. saw a pair of royal albatri.
3/03 p: 3815S 12522W
caught a tuna 1st thing w/daylight, got my shoes wet and bloody and took them
off - cold! h2o temp: 63 degr
3/04 p: 3828S12558W
made stir-fry with - guess... tuna. albatross sightings every day now
3/05 p: 3957S 12585W
sunny day, feels like October... am daring shorts for awhile to air out skin and
foulie pants. H2O temp: 59 deg
we've had to go further west to get around this high. H. is anticipating going
south to lat. 4500S and then turn E. caught 2 more tuna since the last one.
3/06 p:4122S 12527W
beautiful sunny morning with light blue sky and dark blue sea, 10-12kts of wind,
very mellow for the roaring 40s.
thinking of 1338 york, how are you guys? i miss you, "home" is a strange place
and the world is so big and full of places to go, to be, even to stay for

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