the great southern sea!

3/20 p:4754S 10019W
beautiful day for Papa's memory. the sun is out, it's cold but nice. albatross
around us and AWESOME waves - you can't tell until you're ON one, looking down
into the tough ahead, around onto the ocean, and afar to the horizon: top of the

the next days are moving one into the other, i'll give noon positions at end.
get up, go to the head, steer the boat, get wet - off watch and eat, get dry and
sleep, we're doing 1.5hr watches round the clock. H2O temp 49 degr. air same or
colder PLUIS windchill factor!
several force 7 and squalls with sleet and hail. downwind sailing and getting it
just right feels amazing, like floating still, above the waves that are rushing
by, then you look and you're doing 7kts!
thurs my best ride yet (this alone was worth coming here!). all sat hove too to
ride out big depression force 9-10, mostly sleeping and reading.
i'm making attempts to write Dillard-like about what i see and feel about this
incredible nature around me and then get caught up in being cold and hungry and
writing about my feeling about coming home soon
3/21 p: 4840S 09740W
3/22 p: 4912S 09442W
3/23 p: 4846S 09146W
3/24 p: 4842S 09014W
3/25 p: 4919S 08904W
3/26 p: 4924S 08759W

500 miles from cabo pilar! so we might be in punta arenas next week

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