the rolling 40s

3/7 p: 4246S 12427W
foggy morning, then pressure drop and it got cold, i crawled into bed to warm up
3/8 p: 4311S 12302W
H2O temp 56 degr., got ca 10 gal of it dumped into my lap today, just sitting at
the helm. wind in 20s, lots of birds
3/9 p: 4334S 12103W
windy and seas building, heaving to w/sea anchor to button down everything for
heavy weather
3/10 p: 4322S 12036W
still hove to, got a freak water splash into my bunk and spent most day drying
everything out. we also had to fix the stove that had broken a gimbal bracket.
3/11 p: 4319S 11941W
my camera is broken, must have been condensation from temperature change, arghh!
Ira said i can take pictures with his...but still
3/12 p: 4327S11836W
reminded of a sunny wintery day in Hamburg and the friends that come with it.
:-) it seems i am taking turns missing EVERYBODY in rotation..
3/13 p: 4429S 11618W
yes, it's getting colder, thank god for REI and polarfleece and thanks Mama for
the socks you made! I've added another layer for nightwatch. now it's also
drizzling off and on. most of our conversation go around food and clothing. H.
gave me some advice how to try to fix the camera. If anyone is actually plotting
our course you will find that there ain't no straight line in sailing. This
morning i had a great ride on my watch doing 7kts and it was beautiful, but this
afternoon again, the roaring 40s turned into the rolling 40s with more waves
than wind. this is bound to change, i'm not so sure when. there is lows lurking
around us tho. so we might make it to Cabo Pilar in 12 days or in another month.
not faster. which reminds me of returning, it is already mid march. I need to
figure out how to plan all that. xo

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