this is what we came here for

3/14 p: 4541S 1141W
we've arrived in the roaring 40s!clocked 11kts today before shortening sail. our
1st gale. bare poles over night
3/15 p:4554S11130W
cold & wet. i manage to get enough sleep. we r4un the generator to top up
batteries and can turn on heater to dry clothes.
3/16 p:4646S 10910W
before the wind steering: finding the smooth point between gybing and rolling
and having waves smash into the side
3/17 p:4735S 10600W
bare poles again, lots of green water, some single waves over 30ft. stunningly
berautiful. wind 7-8
2/18 p:4729S 10520W
smooth sailing during day, our 3rd gale at night
2/19 p: 4808S 10157W
H2O temp: 49 degr. rocky ride, took a dive across the saloon and had to watch my
sandwich slide down the locker (face on door), i'm o.k.
don't have much time to take notes between steering, sleeping and drying. camera
still broken, pix only in my head. tomorrow is may dad's b-day

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