Weekly happenings

today it's one week out of Taiohae Baie in Nukuhiva, here is the weekly
2/6 lifted anchor at 0800 and set sails south, motorsailing past Ua Pou's E
point. light wind, rain on the horizon
2/7 Pos: 1012S 14012W
tradewind clouds but not very strong winds, heavier when i was making dinner and
nearly got seasick in the galley, broke out in a sweat and had to come up for
2/8 Pos:1220S 14009W
Fried rice for dinner, dodging squalls and staying dry. after a saltwater shower
one is refreshed and clean but just as sticky
2/9 pos 1425S 14009W
the only pelagic life i've seen is one tropic bird. there's toothmarks on H's
lures but no fish
2/10 pos 1619S 14002W
passed Fakahina atoll in the am. loud breakers once we were closer, saw 2
people, a street with lights and an airstrip, all coconut plams for copra.
2/11 pos 1821S13922W
Akiaki atoll in sight at 1320. nice mellow day, abit sadness in that coz my
father dies 7yrs ago, and the knowledge he'd like to be here and somehow he is
2/12 pos1910S 13852S
Aki apparently means fly, and so Akiaki, the name of yesterday's atoll means
many many flies, half of which are still on board. paradise is never perfect.
today becalmed off Nukutavake, swatting flies.
love to all

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