last day as a guest

today is the last day as a guest in the harbor. Deborah, the woman who still owns my boat is coming back today for the rest of the month (september, that is). so today it's housekeeping..... taking out the recyceling... packing my stuff in some sort of order so i can find things again...
yesterday was spent mostly in the eastbay where my dentist has his office. my appointment was a t 8:30, i got looked at, my suspicion that i have some pusspocket in my upper jaw got confirmed, and an appointment made to fix it at noon. so i had 3 hrs to wait and went shopping at the japan woodworker store and hung a bit at the beach in alameda.
to confirm the fact that i am not normal, here another proof: this tooth, which is a front tooth and should only have one straight root has actually 2 which are interwoven! hah! that of course means TWO rootcanals, and a lot of fiddeling to hollow out the roots...
the procedure took forever, the x-ray computer konked out twice and there was a lot of waiting involved, so another three hours later i'm finally done, back in the harbor and ready for a beer. my face feels huge on one side and i can't feel my nose which keeps running... no fun.

back to today: cleaning the boat...
then at 16:00 i'll be volunteering at the art festival until 18:30. well, i really hope i'll be able to go earlier and actually check stuff out. Fiver's band is playing and ... i've never been to the art festival in sausalito, it's really expensive to get in. so this time i'll be selling fish and chips for the harbor.
the hot weather is gone too, last night the fog rolled in, first a little hesitant and then with full speed, making us- who were just an hour before holding cold beerbottles against our necks - reach for the sweaters and crave pizza instead of salad...
so we had a little evening aboard "Lotus", actually the first time witth the whole gang, Katie and Jody, Julie and Anton and Elsie and later Duncan came to join us.
Later Julie, Duncan, and i sat up quiet late to discuss all the cool things we know about which somebody should write a book, and all the cool people we know who somebody needs to interview before they go.
as for the rest of the week, i don't know yet, there is so much to do!!!
i want to go to PT for the wooden boat festival, i can either drive up with Lee on tuesday and spend 2 days on the road, or work on tues. and wed. with Jim and fly up wed evening and be there at the same time only maybe a bit richer. i might have enough miles for SFO-SEA and back.... and it would be good to not disappoint Mr. Cooper, the client we'd be working for this week, he deserves to have his boat ready before fall comes.
i'll keep you posted.

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