what a beautiful day

Rare Bay Area summer weather, no wind in the am, temperatures in the 80s... Karen brought beautiful flowers and food from work, so i scored potatoes and shiitakes which will make a yummy (nummy) summer dinner with some cottage cheese!
ii also got a pretty bouquet of lillies for my boat.
then it got entirely too hot to do anything and i decided to go to black sand beach. it's only 10 minutes from here and clothing optional - whoohee, get rid of those working gal tan lines!
the sand is actually not black but full of agates and mostly green and reddish colored pebbles, so from afar it look black. i collected a couple to work on some hippie travelling style jewelery. Doing online work today, then tomorrw fixing a hot tub. hey, if i can keep water out of a boat, i sure can keep water inside a tub!
other than that i hope to enjoy some more of this fabulous harbor community later tonight. yesterday was Karen's b-day and we had chocolate cake and fruit and ice cream at the general membership meeting - oh, and champagne! here's a picture of my gem/rock/pebble booty from the beach:

and here the finished products (added a bit later)

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