on to new adventures!

Hi there!
i know i have neglected this puppy. sailing last year from Ireland to Spain, to Madeira and the Canaries... but it won't happen again. I have realized what is important in life to me and somehow it has to do with acomplishing goals and being an inspiration to others. so, here is the first of the new posts from the high seas. and the scheming for the next voyage is happening. meanwhile i'll keep you posted on skill improvements, equipment tryouts, the occasional land adventure and maritime life (mine and per se).
October 1st 2008 will mark something big: i will for the first time in my life own where i life. yes it is a boat. not seagoing, but not a houseboat either, more like a "boathouse"... and in Sausalito to boot!
In the beautiful intentional community of Galilee Harbor, tugged in right between the wreck of the old Schooner "Galilee" (the fastes boat to Tahiti from Sausalito in its day with a voyage time of 21days!) and Dunphy park where the beloved funky Sausalito Cruising Club operates on a massive barge. For someone like me this is the best ever.
Here's a picture of "Lotus" the beautiful Flower that floats (floating being the main objective here, i'll be working on the beautification during her haulout in October).

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