Fri - Sun, nov 14-16, 2008

After arriving, experiencing a fabulous welcome home, unpacking, etc i already went on to my next adventure: a reflexology class.
i didn't realize that i'd be the only person in the class who is not studying to be a massage therapist, so it was a bit hard at first to keep up with the vocabulary... the class consisted of five 3 hr segments over the weekend and taught all the basics of reflexology, leaving me with the knowledge and abilty to actually conduct a 50 minute session, touching all the mayor points. it is an amazing art and i am so happy i have taken the time to learn this skill. i am sure my friends are equally thrilled because i'm going to need to practice!
the course was a good mixture of clinical and energy work and apart from the anatomical and physiological stuff i think i managed to do some energy work.
i managed to put ALL my "victims" to sleep. :-) it was amazing how sometimes my hands knew what to do before the instructor said what to do.
but now i'm back to moving.... i have hopefully not overextended my storage stay at 207 too much, i need to get the rest of my stuff onto my boat, do the finishing touches on the outside, now that's not raining and do logistical things, like balancing my checkbook, finding work for the winter, changing my address etc.
i am sooooo excited about my life!

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