nov. 8th 0900

i finally figured out their head system which isn't really rocket science but i have to admid it took me awhile. yesterday i just peed in a bucket but there is an actual head with a door that closes and a seat over a hole in the deck. who would have thunk....
the early morning watch wore the boat about and reduced sail a bit, we are moving a bit more inland trying 165true. we're past pt. sur, over 120miles in 24hrs.
this morning is overcast and grey. i think i seelight rain on the horizon, but not directly behind us. had some good sailing chats with nelson about the project and its difficulties and his circumnavigation.


the rudder is klunky but i started to get a hang of it. i was oversteering at first and since they stressed not to jibe didn't really dare to go dead downwind at first. we have a block and tackle and with the boat having weather helm even downwind one can tie it off to one side and needs to only correct a bit in general and only a lot when she's trying to round up or broach coming down a bigger wave.
we've had two fabulous chinese meals so far, chow mein and cabbage and bacon with rice, both delicious. the galley is a two burner cupboard in the cockpit with a big highwalled wok and high fencing so the pots can't move around.

once again i realize how much i like waking up to a new dat at sea, when everything is the same but entirely different.

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