from Lotus to Princess Taiping

I guess i have a thing for chinese boats.
i just got invited to go sailing with the princess taiping from san francisco to san diego, maybe stop in LA. we'll be leaving thursday or friday. no i dea when i'll be back, they are trying to shanghai me (no pun intended) to come to china with them. that's not possible, i need to make my home here, but i think i could miss this here for two weeks or so...
i feel totally honored to have been invited by Angela and Nelson, please google the boat and her voyage, they sailed here all the way from china. she is a 15th century full original replica. adventure!!!!

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nada cat said...

I love your advenbtures! AND SO SO SO SO PROUD to have been your lover. I can not believe you came to all this after our little sailing certification.. in which I just got dizzy and you found your passion!
And thank you for all your help in my life.