time for ink!

finally after nearly 3 years i'm getting tattooed again! and i picked a lovely tattoo artist to boot ;-) err, or did she pick me?
it's thanksgiving weekend and after a full day of eating and then another day of sleeping and errants it is the weekend. a good time to add some ink to the inka.
it is also the day that princess taiping is leaving san diego, i miss those guys, and it looks like i won't be able to sail with them to china because of my obligations to the harbor here, it seems not right to leave while my "probation time" is not over yet. i feel a bit sad about it. choosing freedom and finally owning my home and then be locked down... but it's the rules i agreed upon. i hope i'll find the money to at least be able to visit them in honolulu in january..
i got a pair of twinkely dreamy stars now, and i got to do my first tattoo on someone else, only we forgot to take a picture...

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